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Enterprise station establishment guide

first, why should we establish a station

no one expected that the development of Internet (international interconnection) was so rapid. In just a few years, the Internet has covered more than 170 countries and regions around the world, with more than 150 million users. It has not been five years since the Internet entered China, but now it has covered 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country, with millions of users. Experts estimate that by 2003, the number of people in China will be as high as 30million! No matter what kind of business enterprises are engaged in, they will not be able to ignore this broad market. At present, an average of 60000 enterprises around the world set up websites on the Internet every month. In China, the establishment of enterprises is also surging. Last year alone, the number of domain names registered in China exceeded 10000 (not including a large number of international domain names), most of which were registered by enterprises. In fact, as long as you have a look, you may be surprised to find that many of your competitors have already established their own stations on the Internet

Why build a station? There are at least five reasons why you need to build your own station

1. Users' strong requirements

may be a reason for many people to disagree, but for your users, there is a special feeling. If you are the first to establish a station in the industry, users will feel novel and powerful, and will create an effect; If your peers have established stations, and you haven't established them yet, I'm afraid the impression you give users is not very wonderful; Today, with the development of the Internet, many users and business negotiators are used to knowing your situation first or feeling your details. If suddenly the test sample is fixed on the lower friction table, and there is no little information about you, the disappointment can be remedied, and the feeling of doubt is a little bad. Therefore, for enterprises, the current establishment of stations may be as necessary as installation. It is always a pity that there is no address on the business card

2. The needs of user service

win the hearts of customers and the market. For thousands of years, businessmen who value customers have been big winners. In a sense, what enterprises sell to users is not a certain product, but the reason for fatigue damage can not be found out. It is a very important work for enterprises to provide a certain product, how to strengthen communication with users, distributors and partners, and how to improve the service system of enterprises. Although this can be reflected by advertising, organizing activities, setting up service points, etc., in any case, the internet station facing and owning the public is an important platform and carrier for enterprise service users, service distributors, and service partners. Through your station, you can serve your customers 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day: keep in close contact with your users, distributors and partners, listen to opinions from all sides, and answer questions often raised by all parties

3. An effective channel for business publicity

enterprises cannot carry out business without publicity. Compared with traditional advertising methods, the Internet has integrated the advantages of TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and other means of publicity. Through the establishment of the station, we can realize the high combination of text, sound, image, dynamic and static, and can describe the advantages and characteristics of your products and services without omission. With your website, you can promote yourself, your products or services to a wider range of people more vividly, intuitively and cheaply, so as to quickly establish your own relationship. In this regard, the internet station is of great significance for rapidly promoting products and shortening the development cycle of new products

4. Establish the basis for opening up the international market

the Internet is a global network. There are no regional restrictions in the Internet. You can access stations in almost every country and work area in the world at any time. People all over the world can also access your station at any time without any restrictions - in fact, usually your station, you have opened the channel to enter the market of almost every country in the world. It goes without saying that for enterprises that are export-oriented or intend to enter the overseas market, building a website on the Internet is undoubtedly the cheapest and most effective means to explore the international market

5. Form efficient and close contact channels

if your business involves more than one region, if you have many agents, distributors or branches. Then, establishing a website is of great significance for you to contact agents, distributors or branches. Distributors, agents and salespersons in all regions need to master the latest information and requirements of the company headquarters, and the company headquarters also needs to understand the sales progress and sales performance in all regions. Through your station, you can keep in close contact with all branches, agents and distributors of the company just by paying the city call fee. This passage is not only fast, but also extremely safe

II. Enterprise stations and virtual hosts

what is a station? To answer this question carefully may involve many professional terms, and the more you listen, the more confused you become. Let's make an analogy: if the Internet is compared to an office building, your station is equivalent to a room inside. If the Internet is compared to a trading market, your station is equivalent to a booth inside. How did you get your office? There are two ways: one is to buy the land first, then design, apply for construction, construct, and finally decorate; The other is to rent a room directly instead of buying land or building a house. Obviously, the latter method is the simplest and easiest

there are also two ways to establish a station: one is to purchase all kinds of software, hardware and install digital lines required for the establishment of the station, and then apply for incorporation into the Internet; Another way is to rent an empty station directly, just like renting a house, and then arrange the content directly inside. Compared with the two, the latter is naturally the most crisp. This rented station has a very professional name, called "virtual host". Self built is called "independent host". To establish an independent host is not only troublesome, but also extremely expensive: 3 Station management service no matter what kind of station, it can produce direct benefits (at least there will be the possibility of advertising benefits and brand benefits). If the virtual host service provider can provide services in this regard, it is naturally good for you. 4. Price is the most sensitive factor in choosing a virtual host service provider. At present, the price of virtual hosts varies greatly. For the same station space, the price difference between the highest and the lowest may be more than 10 times. Therefore, prices should be treated with caution. Naturally, choosing a virtual hosting service provider can't just depend on the price. The correct approach should be to carefully refer to the above three aspects, namely, the speed, technology and service of the virtual host, before deciding whether to approve the price. In addition to the above four factors, there is a situation that you also need to consider: is it better to choose a local virtual hosting service provider or a foreign one. In theory, it is better to choose a local virtual host service provider. But when it comes to real implementation, you have to consider the actual situation in China

first, the development of Internet in China is extremely uneven, and the situation varies greatly between different regions. For example, Beijing can provide an access speed of up to 85mb/s, but with this place, it may not even reach the access speed of 2Mb/s. Therefore, if your local Internet access speed is poor, it is recommended to consider the virtual host service provider in Beijing. The host of "China Packaging Information" is located in Beijing Telecom Bureau, and the access speed is excellent. Foreign users generally reflect that the speed of Shangben is faster than that of other stations. Similarly, if the local technology, service and price can not meet your requirements, you can also consider the virtual host service provider in Beijing

second, at present, the wheels of this suitcase account for a lot of weight. Just as the Internet has no regional restrictions, the influence of regional factors on the virtual host is minimal, even negligible. In fact, foreign virtual host service providers are not much different from local ones in terms of technical support and services, and even better than local ones. For example, in Beijing, Internet has developed the earliest and fastest. The competition among service providers is fierce, and the services provided are generally better than those in other places. For example, there is no difference in the operation of updating, modifying, setting, etc. of the station, whether your virtual host is local or foreign. If your virtual host is out of town and fast, you can modify, update and set it up faster and more effectively. Excellent virtual hosting service providers are on the dedicated line (that is, they are always on the Internet). If you need to ask for some technical matters, you can usually get a reply immediately by email. In a word, whether to choose local or foreign virtual host service for online detection of parameters such as the proportion of various raw materials, electromechanical current and voltage should be selected according to your station needs, comprehensive speed, technology, service and price, so that you can choose a satisfactory virtual host service provider

from China Packaging News, April 10, 2000

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