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Guilin spark launched carbon fiber cloth composite friction material for automobile

Guilin Spark Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. launched a carbon fiber cloth composite friction material, which can be used to manufacture the friction layer of automotive powder metallurgy synchronizer gear ring. The material is made of carbon fiber cloth composite friction material with carbon fiber cloth as reinforcement, FB high temperature resistant resin and bisphenol epoxy resin as adhesive, and various friction materials added; The powder metallurgy is used as the matrix of the synchronizer gear ring of the automobile, and the carbon fiber cloth composite friction material is set as the friction layer on the surface of the matrix that reflects the bearing capacity of the material to the force, so as to manufacture the synchronizer gear ring of the automobile powder metallurgy. This kind of automobile powder synchronizer gear ring has excellent performance. 6. When mechanically replacing the 3-corner belt, pay great attention to the position of the hand to avoid pinching fingers. The transmission part should be covered with a protective cover. The friction performance and anti-corrosion performance of the national billet price rise on the 2nd. It also has excellent temperature resistance, tensile strength and elastic modulus. In addition, the manufacturing process is simple, the equipment investment is small, and the production cost is reduced

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