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Guiyang high tech Zone organized and carried out a major safety inspection of special equipment

in order to ensure the safety of special equipment in the area under its jurisdiction, the above description of the implementation of Timken during the festival by the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision and the high tech Zone clearly illustrates several things: 1 Experimental method: the friction between rotating parts and fixed parts is related to the requirements of the major safety inspection of special equipment. Recently, the quality supervision branch of the high tech Zone has actively carried out special equipment inspection. This inspection is divided into two special teams, led by the director Zhang Bin and the deputy director Wang Qian, respectively. Guizhou Hangyu science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., Guizhou Feige Electronics Co., Ltd Danfoss energy products (report predicts Guiyang) Co., Ltd. and other 23 enterprises above Designated Size have carried out inspections. In order to ensure the safety of special equipment in the area under its jurisdiction and conscientiously implement the relevant requirements of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision and Gaoxin new standard on the basis of the old standard, the district's special equipment safety inspection during the festival has been actively carried out by the quality supervision branch of the high tech Zone recently. This inspection is divided into two special teams, led by director Zhang Bin and deputy director Wang Qian, to inspect Guizhou Hangyu science and Technology Development Co., Ltd 23 enterprises above Designated Size, including Guizhou Feige Electronics Co., Ltd. and Danfoss energy products (Guiyang) Co., Ltd., conducted inspections. A total of 57 law enforcement personnel (Times), 26 vehicles (Times) were dispatched, and 75 special equipment were inspected, including 4 boilers, 21 pressure vessels, 8 elevators, 33 lifting machinery, and 9 motor vehicles in the field (factory)

in this inspection, three key enterprises in the jurisdiction immediately pointed out the problems existing on the site and required the enterprises to rectify. Through this inspection, it was found that the common problems of enterprises in the jurisdiction were: weak enterprise awareness, unclear special equipment safety supervisors; Insufficient understanding of the establishment of safety technical archives of special equipment, there are cases of multiple machines and one file, or the enterprise does not pay attention to the filling of daily maintenance records and cannot provide relevant information on site; Unable to provide training materials for special equipment operators on site. Among them, 12 special equipment in use by a company had safety problems, the data of imported special equipment in use were incomplete and could not be inspected, and the safety valves and pressure gauges used on pressure vessels were not tested regularly. In view of the problems found in the inspection, our Bureau ordered the enterprise to rectify on the spot, and helped coordinate and solve the problems of technology and follow-up inspection services. At the same time, our bureau timely reported the situation in writing to Guiyang Bureau of quality and technical supervision and provincial special inspection institute. In response to the above problems, the law enforcement personnel have made working measures on the spot to order the enterprise to rectify within a time limit, and arranged special personnel to track the enterprise and urge it to complete the rectification, cultivate the talents of strategic emerging industries, ensure that the enterprise strengthens the standardized management in accordance with the laws and regulations related to special equipment, and eliminate the possible safety problems of special equipment. In the next step, our bureau will urge enterprises to actively follow up to ensure the elimination of potential accidents

through this special inspection, the service function of quality supervision has been further strengthened, the working mode of special person tracking and supervision has been deepened, the daily safety supervision of special equipment has been strengthened, and enterprises have been continuously promoted to manage the work of special equipment more scientifically and effectively, so as to ensure the safe operation of special equipment and create a safe and healthy park environment for the development of high-tech zones

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