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Employment survey after the festival: it is more and more difficult to recruit employees at different recruitment sites

from the eighth day of the first month to the thirteenth day of the first month, the securities times visited a number of industrial zones in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shanghai and Zhejiang respectively, and communicated with the heads of relevant industrial zones, economic and technological development zones, business owners, factory personnel, talent agencies, job seekers and other groups, trying to understand the employment and Recruitment

Enterprises: it is becoming more and more difficult to recruit workers

early on the ninth day of the first month, boss Xu, who lives in Shenzhen, drove to his small processing plant in Dalang Town, Dongguan. Boss Xu's factory was originally opened in Shenzhen. Due to the rise in rent, he moved to Dalingshan, Dongguan four years ago. He is usually managed by his wife and brother. He mainly stays in the Shenzhen office. It was the day when the factory started. The boss and his wife rushed to send red envelopes for the start of the project

the factory was quiet, only her brother and a driver were there. One said that he would buy tickets for tomorrow. Another said that their custom was to celebrate the new year only after the fifteenth day of the first month. There were still a few who could not say. Her brother said

Mrs. Xu is ready to post a recruitment notice after she has finished her assignment. She told them that in order to make the workers happy, the 13 salary (the year-end bonus of the factory is usually one month's salary, 12+1 for the whole year, called 13 salary) was given to them before the year

some people advised her not to send it all before the Spring Festival, but to leave some after the Spring Festival, so that she would not be completely pigeoned. Mrs. Xu is kind-hearted: these young people usually spend as much as they earn. If they don't give them the year-end bonus, it will be difficult for them to celebrate the new year

Mrs. Xu posted the recruitment notice at the gate of the industrial zone. Such a large industrial area seems very deserted, and most of the factories have not yet started. According to Mrs. Xu, holidays were generally early before the new year, and work started late after this year. When I met the personnel of the electronics factory downstairs, I said that the factory would not start construction until the tenth day of the lunar new year. However, the personnel came here on the eighth day of the Lunar New Year and began to be busy recruiting online and offline: it's useless. I posted a recruitment notice yesterday, but I didn't recruit anyone. I didn't even ask anyone

on the notice she posted, she recruited operators, SMT operators, warehouse keepers, quality controllers, etc. the salary ranged from 3800 to 6000 yuan/month, and there were no age and educational requirements. The main reason is that the operators are difficult to recruit and have high mobility. After a month or two of recruitment, they left as soon as they became more proficient. Technicians are relatively stable. They usually take a long time to work and are easy to recruit. They can receive a lot of resumes by hanging out on the recruitment station

boss Xu originally planned to open the door on the ninth day of the ninth day of the lunar new year, and the formal production was started on the tenth day of the lunar new year. Now the workers are not in place and can not start work. Once the machine is started, it has to be 624 hours of continuous production of a natural high molecular biomaterial. Both the people and the machine have a day off on Sunday. How many people do you recruit? He asked his wife. 4. Four people are not coming. His wife replied. Boss Xu pondered for a while and said that he had to recruit at least six

boss Xu's factory has a high degree of automation. Only two people can work on a production line in the morning and evening. A new fully automatic production line will be launched in April. One person must be reserved for training in advance, and another person must be recruited for backup, because someone may leave at any time

Shiyan, a large listed enterprise in Bao'an District, Shenzhen, has an employment gap of more than 1000. Some ordinary employees also came out to recruit staff, asking passers-by outside the industrial park where the factory is located whether to find a job. There are more than a dozen employees who come out to recruit. They have an extra meal allowance of 12 yuan a day, which is a little easier than on the assembly line. If they are interested, they will take them to the factory to fill in the job form. One of the guys said. It's 11:00 a.m., but he hasn't got anything today: maybe it's Sunday. I recruited fiveorsix yesterday

(recruitment posts and recruiters outside the industrial zone)

the full-time personnel of the factory told us that it was too difficult to recruit this year: at this time last year, 50 or 60 people could be recruited every day, but only 20 or 30 people could be recruited at most this year. This is not a problem for our factory. Everyone in the industrial zone is robbing people. When asked what to do if there were no recruits, he said that he had to find a labor service company to ask for temporary workers, but the cost of temporary workers would be higher and the staff would be mixed

intermediary: try to get people first.

Li Hu runs a labor dispatch company in Shenzhen. After the new year, many cooperative factories came to him for important people. He scattered more than a dozen salespeople under his command, and each recruit received a commission of 100 yuan. The pressure is very great. There is still a gap of more than 1000 people. The factory and others are starting work. Only more than 100 were recruited yesterday, which is far from enough. Li Hu found that a unique phenomenon appeared in the labor market in Shenzhen this year: whether sending companies to recruit or directly recruiting factories, they are basically temporary workers. What does that mean? The cost of temporary workers is about 15% higher than that of regular workers. That is to say, according to the average wage level of about 5000 yuan for general workers in Shenzhen, after the factory changes to temporary workers, the expenditure will be higher than 700~800 yuan/month/person. Everyone is robbing people to improve their short-term treatment. We should first bring them to the factory. Li Hu believes that this abnormal state will not last long, and the employment balance can be basically realized by the middle of March

at the gate of an industrial zone, I found that there were far more recruiters than job seekers. As long as anyone paused, a group of people would gather around: are you looking for a job

(recruiters outside the industrial zone, and those with work cards are labor agencies)

I will wait two days. If I can't recruit anyone, I will go to Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Xiao Feng, 22, is a self-employed foreman. His job is to recruit people from the society. Then he sells the factory with high wages to earn a price difference. For example, the factory offered him 20 yuan/hour, and he gave the workers 18 yuan/hour, earning a price difference of 2 yuan/hour. According to him, after the Spring Festival last year, he recruited more than a dozen people into the factory, but so far this year, he has not even recruited a single person: we will have a little chance only after the large enterprises have finished recruiting

(advertising for part-time jobs issued by the labor agency)

there is a slightly hotter trunk road not far from the industrial zone where boss Xu is located. In a labor dispatch company here, he claims to consult about job opportunities for relatives in his hometown. How old are you? In your 20s? Even if you come here, you can get 20 yuan an hour in the factory with the highest salary here. Before going out, the landlady forced a business card: remember to look for me when your relatives come, and you can look for me if your friends are looking for a job

(the billboard outside the door of the labor dispatching company)

mobile recruitment points: uneven happiness and bitterness

on the tenth day of the first month in Dongguan Dalang Town, many shops have not opened yet. Some shops have spontaneously formed a recruitment street outside, a small stool, a small table and a recruitment notice, which has become a mobile recruitment point. It's also posted at the factory gate. It's not popular. There are more people on the street. Come and have a try. Here, I saw the factory with the highest salary described by the landlady of the labor dispatching company, with a scale of nearly 10000 people and a comprehensive income of 5000-7000 yuan/month. Ask the recruiter: your factory is the largest and highest paid in this area. It should be very easy to recruit? Recruiters say that the premise of good recruitment is that someone should find a job. You see, the whole journey is empty. There are no people. How can we move? At a glance, there are really few job seekers to consult. There are obviously more recruiters than job seekers, and most of them are playing with boredom

interestingly, I saw a recruitment announcement of a Hunan restaurant on the street. The floor manager was 3300~4600 yuan/month, the waiter was 2600~3200 yuan/month, and the starting salary of other positions such as client, dishwasher and waiter was more than 2000 yuan. Ask the receptionist if there are many applicants. The receptionist's answer was unexpected: Yes, many people come to ask every day. We should choose those with good image and temperament

(according to the recruitment announcement of Hunan restaurant, the salary of most posts is much lower than that of the factory)

in another street, I met Miss Liu who set up a stall for recruitment alone. She poured bitter water on Da: for two days, no one was recruited. Someone filled out the form, and then there was no news. There are more than 100 people in the steel factory where Miss Liu works. About 10 people did not come back to work after the Spring Festival. We are also worried that the employees will not come after the new year, so the year-end bonus will be paid after the new year. However, these people simply do not receive the year-end bonus and find an excuse not to come. Miss Liu said that the employment gap of about 10 people is expected to stabilize until March

before the recruitment revelation at the gate of another large factory, there were some scattered people looking at it, but most of them just looked at it, asked a few questions and left. Miss Li, the factory personnel, set up a stall outside. According to her introduction, in order to prevent the loss of employees, their factory took two measures: one is to keep half of the year-end bonus after the Spring Festival, and the other is to make an agreement with the employees that they can return to work in the factory for three months after the Spring Festival, and then they can reimburse the tickets to and from their hometown during the Spring Festival. However, the young employees are capricious. If they want to leave, they can't stay. Miss Li sighed

job seeker: people walk up high.

at the gate of an industrial park, I saw Xiao Lin and his fellow countrymen who came out on their motorcycles to look for jobs. Mrs. Lin and her new full-term child were also carried on the back seat of the motorcycles. Xiao Lin was born in 1993 in Guangxi. He quit his job at the end of last year because he thought the salary was too low. It was only about 4000 yuan. If he didn't work overtime, it was only 3000 yuan. He wanted to change to a job with a high salary. Asked him what he wanted for his new job, he said that as long as the salary was high, hard, tired and dirty, it didn't matter if he worked at night. A recruiter asked him if he was willing to do anything as long as the salary was high? Of course, how can I support this family if the salary is not high? As Xiao Lin spoke, his wife leaned on his back with a smile on her face. I asked Xiao Lin what his salary expectation was, and he said it would cost at least 4800 yuan/month, preferably about 5000 yuan/month. However, the salary level of the whole industrial zone is basically about 4000 yuan/month. Xiaolin had to ride to another industrial zone to try his luck. Before leaving, he told me: when you see a factory with a salary of about 5000 yuan, remember to hit me

(job seeker carrying his wife and children)

Xiao Xie, an employee of boss Xu's factory, now gets about 5000 yuan a month. Xiao Xie has been with boss Xu for 4 years, and his salary is slowly increasing. He has a job in his eyes. He has done everything I didn't see and thought of, so I am willing to give him a raise and a bonus. It's impossible to give 5000 yuan as soon as you come. There is no such good market. According to Mrs. Xu's recruitment revelation, the salary for three months of probation is 3600 yuan/month, and 3900 yuan/month after the probation period. There is no temptation at all, although the salary will be higher than this figure as long as it is done well and for a long time. Nowadays, young people like to jump around and want high wages. The salary level in the market is generally around 4000 yuan, but the psychological expectation of job seekers is about 4500~5000 yuan. If they don't always change jobs and work in one place, they can get 5000 yuan long ago. Frequent job hopping is a lose lose for both enterprises and individuals. Boss Xu said. Finally, Mr. Xu told Mrs. Xu: ask Mr. Xie if there is a fellow countryman who can bring it here and reimburse the fare, so that another 300 yuan will be awarded in three months

Xiao Xu, who was born in 1984, looks older than his actual age. The main questions he asked the recruiter were whether he was tired or not and whether he wanted to carry heavy things. He usually does odd jobs. I don't want to work in the factory as a formal worker, so I have to control it

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