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On August 30, Hans Leitner, senior technical manager of the headquarters of Austrian Lanjing fiber company, and Yangfeng, customer service department of Lanjing (Nanjing) Fiber Co., Ltd. visited Fuyang Huayuan Textile Co., Ltd. for investigation and technical exchange

Lanjing company is a world leader in the production and marketing of cellulose fibers. It has superb production technology, produces high-quality cellulose fibers, actively undertakes the responsibility of environmental protection, and continuously develops new types of green and environmentally friendly special fibers, leading the market. Its products are generally recognized as a symbol of quality and comfort. High temperature tensile testing machine is generally customized according to customer requirements

since Lanjing entered the Chinese market, Fuyang Huayuan Textile Co., Ltd. has developed a series of new products by using Lanjing modal fiber, Lanjing Tencel, Lanjing viscose and other raw materials, and giving full play to the advantages of cotton wool combination, blended with organic cotton, colored cotton, bamboo charcoal fiber, wool, spun silk, cashmere and other products, which has not only opened up sales, but also been recognized and praised by the industry. Among them, Tencel/organic cotton slub fabric and organic cotton/Modal/wool blended fabric were introduced at the press conference on the yarn fashion trend of China's textile fabrics; Five new products, including viscose/white bamboo charcoal yarn, organic cotton/Tencel hidden stripe fabric, Tencel/spun silk/cotton/cashmere yarn, won 2 outstanding design awards and 3 outstanding innovation awards in the "2008 national cotton textile, yarn dyed, printing and dyeing product development annual conference"; Six new product grey cloth samples, such as organic cotton/Modal jacquard fabric and organic cotton/Tencel slub poplin, were collected by Shanghai Textile Museum as new scientific and technological application achievements in the textile field. These development achievements have attracted the attention of Lanjing company and led to the arrival of Mr. Hans Leitner, who is responsible for product development at the headquarters of Lanjing company

in Fuyang Huayuan Textile Co., Ltd. which has an impact on concrete quality, the staff of Lanjing company listened to the introduction of its general manager sunguangfeng on the business philosophy and product R & D ideas of taking the road of differentiated production, visited the production workshop on the spot and watched the differentiated new products developed by the company. During the discussion, the staff of Lanjing company listened to the quality problems encountered by the company in the process of spinning and weaving with Lanjing raw materials, gave technical guidance, and put forward constructive suggestions on its future product development

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