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Investigation and Discussion on the transaction volume of new commercial houses in Jinan from May 27 to June 2, 166 commercial houses were sold in Jinan Real estate market to ensure the quality of product packaging, which was the same as that in the third week. Among them, 1386 residential units, 14 storage rooms, 0 residential apartments, 24 business apartments, 59 office buildings, 70 commercial buildings, 112 garages and 0 parking spaces were sold last week

from "little sunny spring" to "golden three silver four" and then to "red may", it seems that Jinan's new house market in 2013 is a good scene. The introduction of the "five national policies" has caused a fever in the real estate market. In March, the trading volume of 11782 new commercial houses reached a new high in 2013. Until April, the property market still had a high fever and maintained a high trading volume. Jinan played a "roller coaster" in the weekly trading volume trend in May, jumping from 423 sets in the first week to the highest point in the third week. In addition, 60 sets of the parts were made of metal, and then fell to 1396 sets in the last week. The trading volume trend of May is similar to that of last week

The trading volume of

8396 sets gives "red may" a powerful saying. It has just been opened in June, and the future situation has yet to be put into practice. However, from the analysis of the transaction trend chart, from the last two days of May to the first two days of June, the trading volume of commercial housing is an accurate downward trend, which simply and mechanically conveys the dismal opening in June. In June, we still need to work hard to make a red flower


the transaction volume in May rose by more than 40% year-on-year.

the house price of 8000 is a problem.

201 the other is the polycarbonate insole. After two years of ups and downs, the real estate market in Qingdao has had a bad start. In May, it began to develop and gradually recovered; In 2013, Qingdao's real estate market, on the one hand, was benefited by the continuous release of rigid demand; on the other hand, stimulated by policies such as the "five new national policies", the panic of home buyers led to the early release of market purchasing power. Therefore, the transaction performance of Qingdao's real estate market in the first five months has been good. In May this year, the turnover of new houses in Qingdao rose again. 10852 commercial houses were sold, with a total transaction area of square meters, including 9877 residential houses. In terms of the region, Jiaozhou won the title with 1783 sets of accessories, followed by Chengyang District, which is an important part of the universal experimental machine with 1628 sets of accessories, and Jimo City, which ranks third, with 1234 sets of accessories

it should be noted that the transaction data of Qingdao in May showed a trend of month on month and year-on-year growth. From the month on month data, 10852 commercial houses were sold in May, up 18.67% from 9145 in April; In May, the total transaction area of commercial housing reached square meters, up 13.08% month on month; In May, 9877 residential units were sold in Qingdao, up 15.86% from 8525 units in April

from the year-on-year data, the performance of Qingdao real estate market in May was more eye-catching and outstanding, and all data rose by more than 40%. Among them, the number of commercial housing transactions rose by 49.35%, the area of commercial housing transactions increased by 45.43% and the number of residential transactions also increased by 42.42% year-on-year

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