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On July 13, the international environmental protection organization Greenpeace released a report with the main title of "the poison of fashion", The subtitle is "China's water pollution survey of global clothing brands. In two days, this report has been reproduced countless times, because the final result of the survey report is that suppliers of 14 well-known clothing brands, such as Nike, Adidas, Youngor, Li Ning and Metersbonwe, have discharged environmental hormones into China's rivers.

you will not be very unfamiliar with the name of environmental hormones. Recently, there have been many reports about plasticizers and bisphenol in milk bottles A. These substances will affect the reproductive system and the sexual development of organisms. One of these substances also has a certain impact on the high incidence of human cancer, and can also accumulate in organisms

as soon as the report was published, there was a heated discussion. Youngor Li Ning and others denied water pollution. The final result of the incident is still under investigation. However, as soon as the incident came out, it sounded an alarm for our hardware industry. Focusing on the overall situation of industrial development, pollution has become a core topic in this era of promoting green environmental protection, and once enterprises get involved with this topic, it is easy to be questioned by consumers preparing for the next experiment. Not only is the concept of environmental protection deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but national policies have also made great efforts in this regard. Also on July 13, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the famous ability to eliminate backward production capacity, Involving 18 industries 2255 the PWS ⑵ electro-hydraulic servo universal fatigue testing machine described in this paper is a new type of fatigue testing machine specially produced by Shandong Sida high tech for metal rubber materials. The maximum experimental force required can be inferred from the tensile strength value of steel wire and the maximum cross-sectional area of the sample; The equipment selection is generally a single arm electronic tensile test machine enterprise with 5000 or 2000 cattle, which proves the efforts of the state in this regard

therefore, this is a sensitive topic in a sensitive period. It is necessary for the hardware industry to constantly remind itself and standardize the production of enterprises to put an end to pollution incidents. The author believes that hardware enterprises should be vigilant against green elimination mainly from the following aspects:

first, adopt advanced science and technology to eliminate high energy consumption and high pollution machines

second, enterprises usually pay attention to their own wastewater and waste gas pollution treatment

third, the most important thing is that the enterprise's management philosophy is green and environmental protection

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