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Investigation on "white pollution" of plastic bags

nowadays, citizens have been promoting the pilot project of classified collection and composting of organic kitchen waste in Jilin together with domestic partners, whether they are buying vegetables, shopping, eating in restaurants, packing domestic waste, etc. plastic bags have become a necessity closely related to our lives

more than 10 years ago, the scene of shopping with a basket on your back has long disappeared. Boss Li, who is engaged in cooking business in the Jinkai market in Kaixian County, said: except for a few elderly people who still carry baskets to buy vegetables, first of all, every model of fatigue testing machine is usually equipped with its own operating instructions. Basically, there is no one who carries baskets to buy vegetables on the street

realistically speaking, plastic bags and plastic products have brought great convenience and rapidity to our daily life, but at the same time, we have to face another prominent problem, that is, the growing damage to the environment caused by the plastic bags we discard everywhere. A few days ago, I paid a visit to the white pollution problems such as plastic bags in our county

current situation

the use of plastic bags is amazing

in the interview, it was observed that the most concentrated places to use plastic bags are farmers' markets, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc. In the new century, Gome, Jinkai market, industrial products market, Zhongyuan farmers' market and other places, we see that citizens are carrying large and small bags of things in plastic bags, and we rarely see citizens with baskets and baskets in their hands

Mr. Liao rented three stalls in Jinkai market, selling tofu, pig blood, etc. According to him, it costs more than 5000 yuan a year to buy plastic bags alone. At the current price, 120 plastic belts can be bought for an average of 1 yuan. After a rough calculation, Mr. Liao has to use at least 600000 plastic bags a year. He said: now almost no one comes to the vegetable market empty handed. It's convenient and easy to use plastic bags after buying vegetables

later, I learned from a large supermarket that the supermarket uses more than 3000 plastic bags a day and consumes at least 1.2 million plastic bags a year

in the interview, relevant personnel from the County Environmental Protection Bureau and the County Administration for Industry and Commerce said that the consumption of plastic bags in one year will be an amazing figure for the current plastic bags used by farmers' markets, supermarkets and other places as well as citizens in our county. According to their conservative estimation, the consumption of plastic bags in our county is at least about 100million a year, and the cost alone can be as much as 1million yuan


(I) serious environmental pollution

on the issue of environmental pollution caused by plastic bags, I visited the relevant staff of Kaixian County Environmental Protection Bureau. According to their introduction, plastic bags are one of the white pollution, and they do great harm to the current graphene in the environment. They are mainly made of polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PV), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene resin (PS) and other raw materials. In the production process, plasticizer, foaming agent, heat stabilizer and antioxidant are also added. As polyethylene and other plastic raw materials are synthetic polymer compounds with very stable molecular structure, they are difficult to be degraded and biodegraded by natural light and heat, so plastic bags buried in the soil may not rot for twoorthree years. It will also worsen the soil environment, seriously affect the absorption of water and nutrients by crops, inhibit the growth and development of crops, and reduce the yield of crops. If livestock eat plastic film, it will also cause digestive tract diseases and even death of livestock

(II) seriously affect the health of citizens

on whether the food contained in plastic bags is harmful to the human body, we interviewed the relevant doctors of the county people's hospital. They believed that the food contained in plastic bags would seriously affect our health. According to relevant data, when the temperature reaches 65 ℃, the harmful substances in plastic bags and disposable plastic lunch boxes will penetrate into the food, which will cause damage to human liver, kidney and central nervous system, which is extremely harmful to human body

(III) seriously affecting the city appearance and environment

discarded plastic bags have also become one of the root causes of the city's mess. It has brought visual pollution to the citizens

the large consumption of plastic bags has also led to significant pollution of the city appearance of white garbage towns. Discarded plastic bags can be seen everywhere in farmers' markets such as Jinkai market and Binjiang market. In some rubbish heaps and ruins, the scattered and broken plastic bags are like red and green flags flying in the wind

according to the introduction of sanitation workers, most of the garbage they clean up from the garbage cans in each community every day is plastic bags. There are hundreds of thousands of plastic bags in the garbage every day, which brings a lot of workload to our sanitation workers. A sanitation worker said helplessly


the lack of environmental awareness is the key

the extensive use of plastic bags is in the final analysis the lack of environmental awareness of citizens. County Environmental Protection Bureau said

a sanitation worker believes that the extensive use of plastic bags has caused plastic bags everywhere in the urban area, seriously affecting the city appearance, which not only brings them a heavy workload, but also is not conducive to environmental protection. Especially those who buy food on the street throw away their plastic bags after eating

during the interview, some citizens were interviewed randomly with baskets to buy vegetables. Many citizens thought it was funny. What's the age now? They still carry baskets on the street. Besides, it's no trouble! It seems that many people still have a weak awareness of environmental protection, and there is still a process for citizens to buy vegetables with baskets


shopping with a basket

environmental protection depends on you, me and him. Protecting the environment should be our common behavior, and each of us has the obligation to protect the environment. The relevant personnel of the County Environmental Protection Bureau suggested that citizens should use less or not use plastic bags, that is, they should also recycle them effectively. We advocate shopping with baskets and baskets

the relevant medical staff of the county hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine suggested that citizens should reduce their dependence on plastic bags, which is good for our health. At the same time, they also hoped that relevant departments would strengthen the control of white pollution from plastic bags and enhance people's awareness of environmental protection

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