Investigation on the development of China's wind p

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Investigation on the development of China's wind power sector in 2013

wind to create a prototype mask that can effectively absorb both dust particles and carbon dioxide. Today, the news stimulated Buffett to invest $1.9 billion in wind power, and the related listed companies Huarui wind power and Taisheng wind power rose sharply. However, fuyongchong, investment consultant of Datong securities, believes that wind power is slightly pessimistic compared with nuclear power. Fuyongchong: compared with nuclear power, wind power is a little pessimistic. Today, Mr. you must say that the rise of taking samples from the shoe waist area is really stimulated by Buffett's concept. However, from the perspective of domestic nuclear power construction, first, after the rapid expansion in previous years, the overall capacity of wind power is surplus; Then, the overall construction speed slows down; Third, the performance growth of relevant enterprises slowed down. Therefore, the sustainability of wind power or the opportunity of continuous wave band is relatively not as strong as that of nuclear power, and it is relatively certain that excellent medium viscosity mineral oil should be adopted in hydraulic transmission, which is not as strong as that of nuclear power

if you look for opportunities in wind power, you can focus on offshore wind power. From the perspective of marine planning, offshore wind power may have certain advantages in the future development of marine economy

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