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At the "2003 green home decoration and indoor environment consultation conference" hosted by the indoor environment monitoring center of China Interior Decoration Association, consumers raised a series of questions about decoration and indoor environment,

the shape of the bedroom should not be beveled and convex,

the shape of the bedroom should be square, not beveled or polygonal. Beveled edges are easy to cause illusion of vision, and multi angles are easy to cause oppression, which increases people's mental burden, and is easy to suffer from diseases and accidents in the long run

the bedroom should be bright during the day and dark at night

the bedroom should be equipped with windows. In addition to the circulation of air, it can be illuminated during the day to make people feel refreshed. At night, the windows should be equipped with curtains to block the outdoor night light and make people easy to sleep

the light in the bedroom should be soft

if the light in the bedroom is too strong, people are easy to be grumpy




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