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Recently, Zhejiang yaqinuo decoration materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "yaqinuo"), which is "one of the top ten brands in China's wallpaper industry", held a grand signing ceremony of "yaqinuo brand and tongliya image endorsement" in Shanghai on the occasion of the tenth anniversary celebration

recently, Zhejiang acerno decoration materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "acerno"), one of the "top ten brands in China's wallpaper industry", held a grand "signing ceremony for the image endorsement of acerno brand and Tong Liya" in Shanghai on the occasion of the tenth anniversary celebration. Tong Liya is officially becoming the image spokesperson of acerno brand, starting the journey of cooperation with acerno, which also opens the road of brand upgrading

at the signing ceremony, Tong Liya shared her feelings about home, "In my opinion, home is a place of softness and relaxation, and you can not hide it or perform it. My ideal home should be a place with both aesthetic feeling of life and cultural atmosphere and artistic interest. And yaqinuo adheres to the design concept of 'enriching the strengths of families and innovating ancient and modern culture'. No matter what kind of home you like, yaqinuo can provide more and better inspiration and wall decoration solutions, so that everyone can feel the profound Cultural heritage, so that we can more happily enjoy the new life of artistic quality. "

as we all know, Tong Liya, the goddess of quality, is well-known by everyone with her sweet and pure image. On the screen, she has all kinds of roles that are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The recognized strength acting school can achieve such success, but also because in her work, Tong Liya is always extremely strict. She selects every work with the most rigorous attitude, interprets every role, and has a unique artist style. "This time, Tong Liya chose to join hands with yaqinuo precisely because her brand concept deeply moved her. Yaqinuo's brand tone and proposition coincided with Tong Liya's attitude towards life and work, which is also the reason why Tong Liya chose to cooperate with yaqinuo." Industry experts say so

in addition, it is worth paying attention to the signing ceremony. Acerno also announced the brand new slogan - "acerno, just decorate the wall", and officially launched the York Youke program. The new brand slogan of aginor has passed on and established a new brand image of inclusiveness, diversity and modernization, which will gradually realize the leapfrog development of aginor from meeting consumer demand to leading future consumption. "In the face of the rise of the new generation of consumer groups and the changes in demand brought about by consumption upgrading, we are reminded again that according to the logic and thinking of the past, without innovation, change, and brand upgrading, not only can not meet the expanding consumer needs, but also the development space of acerno is bound to narrow." The relevant person in charge of yacino said

it is understood that the yakino yoke Youke plan is a comprehensive upgrade action for terminals. It implements the two Youke systems of "standard image store" and "standard franchise store", sharing "store image upgrade", "exclusive channel protection", "priority service system", "delivery weekly commitment", "comprehensive training system", "three-dimensional advertising support", "whole system product resources", "targeted activity assistance", "terminal multi-dimensional interaction", And the top 10 preferential incentives of the "preferential convenience policy", which aims to build a store operation system and help terminals improve market competitiveness. In addition, acerno will participate in the 20th China (Guangzhou) International Architectural Decoration Expo (Guangzhou Construction Expo) from July 8 to November 2018. The booth is located at 9.2-11, zone B of the Canton Fair. At that time, acerno yoke Youke plan will benefit more terminal channel providers

the first priority of brand communication is to make consumers have a sense of identity with the brand, and for consumers, the brand slogan is the first step to create an impression and cognition of the enterprise. "This brand-new upgrade of acerno undoubtedly allows acerno to join the 'shopping cart' of the future or the main consumer group in advance, which not only improves its brand competitiveness, but also leads a new chapter in the quality upgrading of the home furnishing industry." Industry experts commented, "behind brand upgrading is full competition in the market and the survival of the fittest under the guidance of policies. Consumption upgrading means that it provides brand enterprises with more opportunities. Through brand upgrading and product innovation, it also gives agino an opportunity to surpass international brands. We can wait and see."





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