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The most basic decoration is also hidden under the surface decoration “ Hydropower projects are often not given due attention. However, as a major project in the decoration process, if the renovation is not in place, it will not only affect the convenience of life in the future, but also may bring personal and property safety problems. Moreover, hydropower transformation is a relatively professional “ Work. The author consulted a decoration designer about how to operate the specific details of hydropower transformation and what preparations the owner should make

◆ make relevant preparations

for decoration owners, they should make sufficient preparations before starting the hydropower process, such as selecting wires of several square millimeters, how to reasonably distribute the location of sockets, etc. According to the Convention, the power is less than 2000 Watts, and the wire diameter of 2.5 mm2 is used; If the power is more than 2000 Watts, wires with a wire diameter of 4 mm2 should be used; With a power of more than 7000 watts, it is not only necessary to use a single line, but also need to use wires with a wire diameter of 6 square millimeters. Under normal circumstances, the circuit is divided into three ways. The lighting line and socket line mostly use 2.5 mm2 wire diameter, and the air conditioning line uses 4 mm2 wire diameter

“ In addition, in some special cases, owners need to fully understand what electrical products they use, how much power they use, and how much electricity they consume before making a decision. A decoration designer pointed out that the most representative are the kitchen and bathroom. For example, the bathroom usually uses 2.5 mm2 wire diameter, but if the owner uses an electric water heater with a power of about 8000 watts for instant heating, the bathroom has to use 6 mm2 wire diameter. The electricity consumption of the kitchen is also large. The owners need to understand the total electricity consumption of electric ovens, refrigerators, microwave ovens, anti-virus machines and other electrical appliances before circuit transformation. If the total power exceeds 7000 watts, the kitchen also needs to take a single route and use wires with a wire diameter of 6 square millimeters

in addition to a comprehensive understanding of the power consumption of electrical appliances used at home, the designer reminded that the owners also need to plan the transformation location and the use of household appliances. For example, the location of beds, lights and telephones must be determined, otherwise it is easy to see that the socket is blocked by furniture or there is no socket where there should be, which will cause inconvenience to use. During the construction process, the owner had better not be idle. He can check whether the materials are non-national standards, and whether there are oblique pulling, casing or installation clips and other Jerry built phenomena during operation

◆ try to meet the wiring specification

with regard to hydropower transformation, many owners are worried that they will be maliciously wound. According to Hengrui decoration designer, regular decoration companies have common practices, such as walking in a straight line horizontally and vertically, walking along the root of the wall and maintaining a distance of 30 cm from the wall, and walking at right angles if there is a turn, etc

in terms of waterway, transformation “ The reason for turning at right angles is that 90 degree elbows are mostly used in welding. If the pipe is deviated a little, the wall thickness and stress of the pipe are different during welding. It is easy to cause leakage accidents due to long-term impact of water. In addition, at the intersection of water pipes, if the two pipes are too close, when the water flows, the pipe jump is easy to make the pipe wall thin, causing hidden dangers to the waterway. Some companies will use high and low clips to make the distance between the two pipes. Such hidden dangers should be eliminated. In terms of circuit, strong and weak electricity should be separated, and the distance between strong and weak electricity should be 50 cm to prevent signal interference. Note that the circuit should be above the waterway, otherwise the water pipe will leak, and there will be potential safety hazards on the circuit

there are often owners who have such doubts: the straight line between two points is the shortest, and it's OK to pull diagonally. Why do you have to take a straight line? In this regard, a decoration designer also gave an explanation &mdash& mdash; Although the transformation distance is shorter, due to the unknown location of the pipeline, it is easy to damage the pipeline when punching the floor or wooden door in the future, and it is not easy to repair the pipeline if necessary. As for how to see whether the workers are winding, the owner can see which line is closer according to the specification

◆ pay attention to the electricity demand of electrical appliances

many owners are the secondary decoration of old houses, and they need to consider the demand in the reconstruction of water circuits. Hengrui decoration designer said that if the original circuit uses aluminum core wire or the original wire diameter is not enough to meet the current needs of using electrical appliances, it must change the wire to meet the safety needs of household electricity, but it also needs to consider some future needs. In addition, the owner should not only consider whether the current available power is enough, but also consider the reserved power consumption. Some electrical appliances that you don't need or need to buy at present may become daily necessities in the future. After all, the scientific development is changing with each passing day, people's pursuit and taste are also changing, and the decoration cycle is mostly more than 8 years, so it's best to reserve some quantity

if the water pipe is galvanized, it is necessary to transform it. The designer pointed out that galvanized pipes not only pollute water, but also have poor corrosion resistance. It is best to replace them with PPR pipes or PE pipes. PPR pipes are made of random copolymerized polypropylene, extruded into pipes and injected into pipe fittings. The interface adopts hot-melt technology, and the pipes are completely integrated together. Once the installation and pressure test pass, there will be no water leakage. The reliability is very high, and it is non-toxic, hygienic, heat preservation and energy saving, good heat resistance and long service life. PE pipes have good low-temperature impact resistance, stress cracking resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance and long service life. In addition, the owner can also consider replacing the water pipe with copper pipe, but the cost is relatively high





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