The model wooden door is the desktop style of mini

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When the warm sun passes through the curtains, it sifts out the soft light on the ground, which makes people relaxed and happy. The simple and flowerless furniture is complemented by the warm wooden texture. Pure and concise narration, returning to Shuya, is still meaningful

when the warm sun passes through the curtains

screening the soft light on the ground

it makes people relaxed and happy

simple and lackluster furniture

complemented by warm and moist wood texture

pure and concise narration

return to Shuya

the meaning is not enough

desktop style pays attention to simplicity Nature

there is no complicated decoration

in order to meet the simple and lively

with simple colors

plus the design method with a strong sense of lines

let the design return to the essence of life

create a comfortable and natural space atmosphere

make the home space

return to the natural and pure state

the interior space decoration is simple


open and transparent space feeling

simple and non pompous interior decoration

exquisite and perfect detail expression

all convey the style and taste of the master at any time

open partition based design

create a transparent

open environment performance

at the same time, adopt a touch of smart metallic color

match with the lighting design with sufficient light sources

build an open and bright space together

model Wooden door, make wooden door




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