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finally bought a house. What should I do if I am short of money for decoration? Mr. Hu encountered this problem

Mr. Hu, a citizen, bought a three bedroom apartment with full payment some time ago. The decoration money was more than enough, but the son who studied abroad proposed to continue his further study at this time, so he had to give his savings to his son. Now, Mr. Hu needs to live by himself and cannot sell the old house for the time being, but there is no money to decorate the new house there. This put him in a dilemma

in fact, the solution is at hand. Outlets such as China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China and China Merchants Bank all provide decoration loans for homeowners: as long as the owners provide ID cards, household registration books, real estate certificates and other documents, and take the house as collateral, they can obtain a decoration loan, up to 70% of the assessed price of the house. In terms of interest rates, most banks' home improvement loan interest rates are 10% - 30% higher than the benchmark loan interest rate, and the loan term is 3-5 years. For general home decoration, the fund is enough. For example, Mr. Hu's new house is valued at 1million yuan. He can mortgage the new house and get a loan of up to 700000 yuan

it should be reminded that the collateral of bank mortgage loans can only be real estate, and cars, precious metals, etc. are not accepted as collateral. If you have a small capital gap, such as less than 100000 yuan, you can apply for unsecured loans or credit card home decoration installments





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